Fairity is designed for you to map, automate and relax.


Data mapping

In Fairity, to fufill GDPR according to Article 30, the meaning of data mapping is to find all personal data that is being processed within the organisation, where it is stored, why, and how.

It summarises all the data activities and gives a clear overview of your company’s data flow.

Pre-populated templates

Data mapping can be tiresome and time-consuming, but Fairity has made it a less of a burden by providing templates for common activities.

Start off with a template, modify it according to your company’s needs, and save it as a part of your data mapping system.

Automated reports

From the information in your data mapping, Fairity creates automated reports that you can publish on the channels of your choice:

Records of Processing Activities (RoPA)
This is your written documentation and overview of which personal data is being processed. Almost all companies and organisations need to provide this documentation according to Article 30 of GDPR.

Privacy Notice
This is your company’s public documentation which explains how it processes personal data.

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