The impact of sharenting on children’s privacy

In today’s digital age, the rapid growth of social media platforms and the widespread sharing of personal information have given rise to a new phenomenon known as “sharenting.” Sharenting refers to the tendency of parents to extensively share information about their children online. This emerging trend has raised concerns about the long-term impact on children’s privacy. Is it worth destroying your children’s future because of your ego?

What are your rights under GDPR

When a cookie banner pops up, you probably accept the terms and continue with your scrolling. You’re not the first or the last, but if you stop for a second and think about it: do you know what happens with your personal data after you click on “allow cookies”? 

Consent based marketing: a guarantee of compliance

In a statement released on 4 January 2023 by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), which acts on behalf of the European Union, it is announced that a fine of €390 million has been imposed on the Meta Group (Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp). The cause? The failure to comply with the transparency obligations of the GDPR.

9 steps to become GDPR compliant

Since the General Data Protection Regulation came into force in 2018 by the EU, businesses and organisations have the duty to summarize all the personal data they collect in a record of processing activities. Indeed, this obligation is one of the 9 steps to compliance with the GDPR, which are:

Who is concerned by GDPR

In March 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law came into effect by the European Union. This law now allows the continent to adapt to the new digital realities. Indeed, the purpose of GDPR is to make companies that process personal data more accountable, by giving European citizens more control over it.

7 facts about GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now essential for the data processing that a company carries out. Below, you will find 7 important facts about GDPR in order to understand its impact, and more globally the interest of protecting data in companies.

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