Is there a free plan?

When you sign up to our services we want you to feel 100% confident that this is the right tool for you. We therefore always give you the first month free of charge so you can test carefully. 

Am I concerned by the GDPR?

If you are a business or organisation involved in the processing of personal data of EU residents, you are concerned by the GDPR (wheter or not you are establish in the European Union).

What do I need to do the secure my company or organisation being GDPR compliant?

To secure that your business or organisation is GDPR compliant, you need to ensure that you have identified all the data flows (data processing activities) in your business or organisation and that you have completed all the fields that Fairity requires you to complete.

Do I need some previous knowledge to use Fairity product?

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to work with Fairity, but you do need to have the necessary information about the data flows in your company or organisation.

Is Fairity adapted to our company size?

Fairity is suitable for any size of company or organisation, whether or not you handle sensitive data.

Who operates the tool in the company?

It is strongly recommended to assign a person responsible for managing GDPR compliance within your business or organisation. In some cases it is mandatory to assign a Data Protection Officer. However, in other cases there is no standard profile for the position, it can be any member of the organisation’s staff working part-time on this task.

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